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Create A Greater Synergistic Effect for General Health with These Duos

Alleviate Duo - We created Alleviate Duo for anyone who desires a more natural approach to managing discomfort and possible inflammation.

Anti-Microbial Duo (Clove and Blood Orange) - This is a collection of essential oils (Blood Orange & Clove Bud) that are known to help purify the air from pathogens when diffused. 

Detox Duo (Liv-Better and Pure Regen Roll-Ons) - These essential oil blends were designed to assist in supporting normal liver function and biliary tree function.

Decongestant Duo (Cypress & Tea Tree Roll-Ons) - This duo provides all-natural immune defense and respiratory support for those with sensitive skin and children 4 & up.

Facial Duo - The Facial Duo includes our Bulgarian Lavender and our Anti-Aging Blend, Brilliance. Lavender is an amazing natural anti-inflammatory; it also offers nourishing skin properties due to its high antioxidant content. Brilliance was designed to help enhance the natural beauty and overall complexion of individuals. 

Immune Defense Duo (Forest Air & Pure Defense) - The Immune Defense Duo offers two of our most popular essential oil blends that provide support to the immune and respiratory systems.

Joyful Duo (Pure Happy Roll-On & Pure Embrace Roll-On) - The Joyful Duo Roll-On Edition includes topical application ready roll-ons of two of our most popular blends Pure Happy & Pure Embrace.

Unwind Duo - The Unwind Duo offers some of our favorite oils specific to helping relax the mind and body to support a more grounded and centered state. 

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