Helichrysum Italicum 5ml


Description/History – There are many different types of Helichrysum, but the one preferred and most used therapeutically is helichrysum iltalicum. It works well with so many different oils and is often used in blends that help soreness, scarring and/or blemishes. You will see this oil also in our blend Liver Better as it has many properties that help support and maintain proper liver function. Emotionally it is an oil that helps those experiencing emotional pain. One of the most powerful oils for physical and emotional scars. It is steam distilled from fresh flowers as opposed to when they are dry. This plant does not release a lot of oil and it takes thousands of petals to make an ounce of oil for this reason a true helichrysum italicum is more expensive than many other essential oils. We consider this oil to be one of the most important oils to have in your collection.

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