I've tried many different oils throughout the last twenty years. I am grateful for the balance they have brought to a loud and toxic world that surrounds us. What delights me and has drawn me to Restore Hope Oils, is the purity and the price. I am a huge fan of the blends and look forward to seeing more creations in the future.

Jeanette H.


Exactly what I was looking for in essential oil blends: blended by a master, tuned in aromatherapist who listens for the divine for creative guidance as well as consults scientific sources; and, effective blends that get the results I need. I am always impressed by Gavin’s sincere interest and gentle wisdom. It inspires me to tune in deeply as I use his blends and to be curious about what he’s creating next. He is a true essential oil alchemist.


Still Focus is amazing! Just put a couple drops into your hands, rub them together and breath in the oil for about thirty seconds, or place it in your diffuser and allow it to permeate the air. For me the oil helps to remove the little extra thoughts that enter my head. It helps steady my mind allowing me to focus on the task at hand. It also has an amazing smell. Whether you’re using it to help focus on the task at hand, or wanting a good smell to diffuse, this oil is a win, in my book.

James S.