About Us

At Restore Hope Oils we understand how important it is to have top-tier verified and tested essential oils for therapeutic use. Where possible we choose to work with indigenous plants and/or areas where a plant has been grown for generations. Farmers who know the industry and the ideal growing conditions. Essential oils are a gift to us from the earth and we cherish both the earth and the oils produced. Every oil is tested for purity before it becomes a part of the Restore Hope Oils family of products. Up to thirteen different tests may be performed on each oil to verify purity and that nothing has been adulterated nor that any additives or extenders have been added. We also work with local chemists to 3rd party verify the purity of the oils. If at any point in the process, we see or even sense an oil has been adulterated we reject it. This is why vetting suppliers is so key. We only work with suppliers and growers who are focused on purity, consistency, and sustainability. All of our essential oil blends are formulated in house and are formulated for a specific purpose and/or benefit.