About Us

Restore Hope Oils™ is dedicated to assisting the body in achieving greater emotional and physical balance through 100% pure, lab-tested essential oils. Our focus and goal is to produce top-tier essential oils that a practitioner can confidently use while also recommending to a client or patient. 


Essential oil blends at Restore Hope Oils™ are formulated in-house utilizing the latest research and accurate historical use. We understand the importance of using high-quality, all-natural,  pure essential oils for more vibrant health and longevity. From personal experience, this company was created as a company that offers a natural instrument, essential oils, to help harness the power of nature to benefit the body and mind.


Our goal is to always source our essential oils from locations worldwide that are known to produce the most advantageous chemical profile for therapeutic benefit. Restore Hope Oils™ has all of our essential oils tested before purchase and after the arrival of the product to ensure purity and potency. We love our customers and continue to respond to the individual questions that come to us.