Collection: Blends

Create A Greater Synergistic Effect for General Health

An essential oil blend is combining at least two different oils to create a greater synergistic effect for general health or for a specific area of the body. Our 100% pure essential oil blends have been created by our Certified Aromatherapist and Formulator Gavin Poulton. Utilizing Top Tier Tested™ essential oils he combines them to support primary mind/body systems. Combining oils into blends one can often accomplish more than one single oil can on its own. Gavin brings the strengths of multiple single oils to create a team of oils working to support the same area of the body for a more profound benefit. Some of our top selling essential oil blends are:

Pure Regen - general detoxification

Liv-Better - liver support and detoxification

Pure Defense - immune support

Pure Happy - uplifting for mood

Forest Air - respiratory and immune support

Pure Relief - tension ease and joint discomfort

Pure Stability - mood support

Pure Embrace - menstrual cycle and hormone support