Collection: Blends

Create A Greater Synergistic Effect for General Health

An essential oil blend is combining at least two different oils to create a greater synergistic effect for general health or for a specific area of the body. Focusing on sourcing pure essential oils to create these blends, they have been created by our Certified Aromatherapist and Formulator Gavin Poulton. Utilizing top tier essential oils, he combines them to support primary mind/body systems. Combining oils into blends, one can often accomplish more than one single oil can on its own. Gavin brings the strengths of multiple single essential oils to create a team of oils working to support the same area of the body for a more profound benefit. Some of our top-selling essential oil blends are:


Essential 21™ Facial Oil - A refreshing facial blend designed to help enhance the natural beauty and overall complexion of individuals in a way you can see and feel. 


I Am Enough™ Rose Edition - Formulated with the intent to aid possible feelings of anxiousness, nervous tension, as well as help alleviate mental and emotional stress when applied topically.

I Am Enough™ - Helps to relieve feelings of overwhelm, burnout, and nervous exhaustion.

I Am Peace ™ - Formulated with the intention of providing an uplifting aroma with subtle emotional grounding effects to help minimize feelings of stress and anxiousness.

I Am Resilient™ - Blended, with the intent of providing a natural way to help cool the body when one feels overheated, or if a person tends to be uncomfortably hot.

I Am Whole™ - Formulated to instill a feeling of hope within those who experience the aroma and topical application.

Empowered Trio™ - The intent of this combination of essential oils is to assist the body during times of fasting and possible emotional imbalance that are associated with different days/times of a woman's cycle.

I Am Strong™ Roll-On (Empowered Trio ™ Single) 1 - 10 / 16 - 19 I AM STRONG is an energizing antioxidant blend that helps to support the state of momentum both physically and emotionally.

I Am Restored™ Roll-On (Empowered Trio Single) 11-15I AM RESTORED was formulated to promote mental creativity, proper digestion and normal detoxification of the liver during the Manifestation Period associated with "Fast Like A Girl".

I Am Still Roll-On™ (Empowered Trio Single) 20 - Cycle Start - This essential oil blend can be helpful at calming stressful feelings that come with physical and emotional stress, as well as possible adrenal fatigue associated with stress over a long period of time.

Pure Regen™ - General detoxification and whole-body health

Liv-Better™ - Liver support and detoxification

Pure Digest - Support proper digestion and peristaltic movement

Pure Embrace - It is meant to provide emotional balance on a daily basis

Pure Defense - Immune support and defense for seasonal threats.

Pure Happy - Uplifting for mood and mind

Forest Air™ - Helps to support proper respiratory function.

Pure Relief - Tension ease specific to neck and head tension with both warming and cooling.

Pure Repair™ - May act as an antiseptic and antimicrobial to help defend against infection for minor cuts and general skin challenges.

Pure Mobility - Warming joint and muscle blend to relieve discomfort naturally

Pure Embrace - Can be helpful for menstrual cycle discomfort and possible fluctuations in mood

Remember Him ™ - Blended with many essential oils specific to ancient times, this blend continues to grow in popularity due to its brain, respiratory, and muscle discomfort support capacities