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I Am Still (Nurturing Blend) (Empowered Trio Single Roll-On) 10ml

I Am Still (Nurturing Blend) (Empowered Trio Single Roll-On) 10ml

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I Am Still™ was created to help promote a feeling of safety and peace in relation to the Nurture Period as explained in "Fast Like A Girl". Developed to be helpful at calming stressful feelings that come with physical and emotional stress. I Am Still™ also offers possible adrenal fatigue support associated with stress over an extended period of time. Blended to also support a more restful sleep, I Am Still™ offers opportunities for the calming of the mind and the heart that may allow for emotional healing.

The intent behind the Empowered Trio essential oils is to assist the body during times of fasting and possible emotional imbalance that are associated with different days/times of a woman's cycle. Each of these essential oils do not need to be used at the same time, but rather can be helpful for different situations.

For best results, we recommend all the essential oils in the Empowered Trio but we understand that some people may utilize one of these essential oils more frequently than others, so each of these essential oils.

I Am Still™ Roll-On (Empowered Trio™ Single)

• Suggested for possible use on days of the female cycle (20 - Cycle Start)

This essential oil is part of the Empowered Trio™ (a collection of proprietary essential oil roll on blends) that were developed in collaboration with Dr. Mindy Pelz as a "Fast Like A Girl" (FLAG) APPROVED product.

I Am Strong and I Am Restored™ are available separately.

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Key Benefits

• Promotes Relaxation and a More Restful Sleep, May Support Proper Progesterone Levels, Helps to Minimize Feelings of Chronic Stress, Calming for the Mind as well as Possible Feelings of Anxiousness.

Common Uses

• Apply over the heart to relieve feelings of stress and promote a sense of safety.
• Apply to the neck and shoulders to help defend against stress, feelings of overwhelm and toxic emotions.
• Apply to the bottom of feet and/or spine at bedtime for a more restful sleep.
• Apply to wrist pulse points and inhale for 15–30 seconds to re-center and ground emotions.
• Apply over the kidneys and adrenal area, pulling this essential oil gently toward the root chakra to help anchor the mind and body during stressful situations.


Fractionated Coconut Oil, Lavender, and Vetiver 


• Avoid UV rays for 12 hours after applying topically to exposed skin.

For more information on Dr. Mindy Pelz FLAG Approved product, please visit:

Dr. Mindy Pelz (

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