Collection: Trios

Create A Greater Synergistic Effect for General Health With These Trios

Empowered Trio - The intent of this combination of essential oils is to assist the body during times of fasting and possible emotional imbalance that are associated with different days/times of a woman's cycle.

Breathe It In Trio - This Trio is a collection of essential oils that we have found that may assist with breathing challenges.

Citrus Sunrise Trio - The Citrus Sunrise Trio offers some of our favorite oils specific to helping energize and uplift the body to get you in the right frame of mind to start the morning.

Citrus Sunset Trio - The Citrus Sunset Trio offers some of our favorite oils that may provide support for mental fatigue, concentration, and offer a calming effect that assist to end the day in a more relaxed manner.'

Mental Boost Trio - We created Mental Boost Trio for anyone who is looking for to stimulate mental function.

Natural Repellent Trio - Protect skin naturally from bugs and insects when outdoors. The essential oils in this trio offer a practical way to create a boundary that is safe for you and yours without the toxic elements found in traditional bug repellents.

Sleep and Relax Trio - The Sleep and Relax Trio offers some of our favorite oils specific to helping relax the mind and body to support a more restful sleep.

Winter Trio - Limited Availability- The Winter Trio contains some of our favorite essential oils that offer a collection of winter favorites which include Peppermint, Siberian Fir, and Remember Him.