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Pure Regen Roll On (Cleanse and Protect Blend)

Pure Regen Roll On (Cleanse and Protect Blend)

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Pure Regen™ was formulated to support proper detoxification and lymphatic function for daily life. Pure Regen ™ can be especially helpful when applied in the morning. Pure Regen ™ may aid those who engage in intermittent fasting. Applying Pure Regen ™ in roll-on form is a proactive approach to helping the liver and lymph systems function at their best throughout the day.  

Our Pure Regen™ bundle which includes our roll on version is also available for a limited time. For more information, you can view here.

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Key Benefits

•  Support proper liver and spleen function, detoxification, upper digestion, bile and lymphatic flow.

Common Uses

• Apply Pure Regen  roll-on over the liver, spleen, and digestive areas of the body first thing in the morning as a proactive approach to better health.

• Apply Pure Regen ™ roll-on over the liver area when suspecting possible congestion.

• Apply Pure Regen  roll-on over the spleen and liver areas in the morning to protect and cleanse these areas of the body.


Red Mandarin, Lemon, Coriander, Peppermint, Geranium, Fennel (Sweet), Rosemary, and Helichrysum in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT oil).


• Not recommended for use with children under 10.

• Not recommended while nursing, as Pure Regen contains Peppermint some studies have shown Peppermint may dry up milk supply.

• Consult your Healthcare Practitioner before beginning any essential oil regimen.

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