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Decongestant Duo (Cypress & Tea Tree Roll-Ons)

Decongestant Duo (Cypress & Tea Tree Roll-Ons)

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The Decongestant Duo Roll-On includes Cypress & Tea Tree in a pre-diluted ready to apply format. This duo provides an all-natural immune defense and respiratory support for those with sensitive skin for children 4 & up. Tea Tree is gentle to the skin, but hard on pathogens and has historically been used to defend against minor bacterial, fungal, and viral disturbances. Cypress has historically been used to alleviate respiratory challenges associated with coughing and difficulty breathing.

Both of these essential oils may be used at the same time, but do not need to be. Each can be helpful for different situations and some bodies may prefer one essential oil over another. 

Cypress offers the following:

Considered to be one of the most useful oils Cypress is the oil of better flow and transition. Cypress is a gentle oil that aids poor circulation, possible growing pains, strengthens the respiratory system, helps to aid minor coughs, and may help minimize fluid retention in order to improve recovery and/or repair. With a wonderful refreshing aroma this essential oil is great for calming stress and stimulating the mind. It is a Restore Hope Oils favorite for children to help support the immune and respiratory systems. It is easily applied to the chest, glands, or spine to defend against possible pathogens.

Tea Tree offers the following:

Used by the aboriginal people of Australia for centuries due to Tea Tree’s capacity to support and help the immune system against threats. Tea Tree has been known for how helpful it is for skin and skin challenges. This oil continues to grow in popularity as an immune support and defender. Like cypress, this essential oil is a fantastic all-natural defender to apply to the bottom of the feet, spine, glands, or chest of children to help support normal immune function. 

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Key Benefits


• Analgesic, Stress Reliever, Supports Proper Circulation, Minimizes Cramping, Astringent, Strengthening to The Respiratory System, Liver Aid, Emotional Support During Transition

Tea Tree

• Shown in research to be effective against some bacteria, fungi and viruses. Tea Tree is a powerful immune support oil, and gentle enough for children. A foundational essential oil for any home.

Common Applications

 CypressApply the roll-on to the spine, chest or bottom of feet to children during the day or night to help support a healthy body and immune system.

Tea Tree: Apply this roll-on to the chest, spine, or feet before engaging in possible gatherings where germs may be present.


 If redness of skin appears, stop use of the essential oil and apply fractionated coconut oil to the area to help calm any irritation.

For more uses on the specific essential oils in this duo click on the links below:

Cypress, Tea Tree


Currently these Roll-ons are sold as singles or as a duo, tea tree is still available in standard euro dropper form and now as a roll on. Both are available separately.

Cypress is only available individually as a roll on.

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