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Restore Hope Oils

Frankincense Carterii 10ml

Frankincense Carterii 10ml

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Many know of Frankincense as the “King of Oils” for the variety of applications this essential oil has. Fracnkincense carterii is considered a universal oil like Lavender or even Copaiba. We specifically utilize (Boswellia carterii) for this product.

Frankincense has been used throughout history for religious purposes and for calming the mind and body. We have found that Frankincense carterii has an amazing capacity to support cell health, skin challenges, the digestive system and may be helpful in defending against inflammation in the body. Frankincense seems to benefit individuals to connect more with God and the divinity within themselves. Plus It was one of the gifts that the Three Wise Men brought to Jesus during ancient times. 

Our Fracnkincense Carterii is also available in our Frankincense Duo which you can view here.


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Key Benefits

•  Clarity Of Mind, Immune Support, May Reduce Skin Blemishes, Helpful for Physical Scars and Emotional Scars, Calming for Central Nervous System Support, Encourages Respiratory System, Helpful for Working Through Emotional Pain.


Common Uses

• Diffuse to re-center your emotions or to aid in meditation or yoga practice.

• Apply with dilution of Restore Hope Oils Fractionated Coconut Oil to shoulders with Lavender when experiencing neck tension or higher amounts of stress.

• Apply with dilution of Restore Hope Oils Fractionated Coconut Oil over heart when feeling nervous, to increase feelings of confidence or when experiencing great emotional or mental stress.

• Apply 2- drops with 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of Restore Hope Oils Fractionated Coconut Oil to support whole body health and immune defense. 


Latin Name

 Boswellia carterii

Complementary Oils

Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Peppermint, Roman Chamomile



• Use more dilution with children

• Please dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil when applying topically.

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