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Ginger 10ml

Ginger 10ml

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Used for thousands of years in Eastern cultures. Mostly known as a digestive aid this perennial herb has historically been used for things like rheumatism, seasonal colds and intestinal colic.

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Key Benefits

 • Digestive Support, Nausea, Joint Discomfort, Metabolism, Circulation


Common Uses

 • Apply diluted to sore muscles and/or joints to warm and loosen them up when stiffness sets in.

 • Inhale or apply topically to the abdomen in moments of nausea

 • Apply diluted with Peppermint to create a cooling and warming combo for muscles as well as an immune system boost.


Latin Name

• Zingiber officinalis


Complementary Oils

 • Bergamot, Black Pepper, CloveCedarwoodFrankincenseLemonBlood Orange, Fennel, LemonLimeOrangeGrapefruit



 • May irritate sensitive skin

•  Dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil as it may irritate sensitive skin or with children.

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