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Lime 10ml

Lime 10ml

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Lime is one of our favorite citrus oils because of its versatility. It complements most other citrus oils and can energize, purify and relieve.  It has a fantastic capacity to help support normal lung function and the removing of excess mucus.

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Key Benefits - Anti-inflammatory, energizing, uplifting, anti-catarrhal, antiseptic


Common Uses

  • Apply to sore or tired muscles to relieve lactic acid build up

  • Diffuse to energize the room and aid the respiratory system

  • Apply to bottom of feet in the morning to stimulate the lymphatic system


Country of Origin - Mexico


Latin Name - citrus aurantifolia


Complementary Oils - lemon, bergamot, orange, grapefruit


Main Constituents Limonene, gamma-Terpinene, beta-Pinene


Cautions - stay out of direct sunlight for 12 hours if applied topically

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