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Spearmint Roll-On 10ml

Spearmint Roll-On 10ml

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Spearmint was originally used for the revitalizing of the body in the Mediterranean. Spearmint is an amazing and sweet essential oil that helps to relieve stress, improve digestion, is an anti-inflammatory, and is safe for children (when diluted) and adults. Smelling this at the beginning of the day is a great way to relieve a sluggish feeling mind. Spearmint is a fantastic digestive for children and is much more suited oil for children's digestive issues than Peppermint. As a warming essential oil it continues to grow in popularity. This roll-on has a higher dilution for sensitive skin and children over 2 years of age.

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Key Benefits

 • Digestive Aid, Relieves Feelings of Indigestion, Liver Support, Great for Mental Lethargy, Helpful at Releasing Negative Feelings, Warming for Muscle Soreness


Common Uses

•  Apply to the abdomen for digestive support. (Parents roll the oil over your fingertips and massage it into your children's skin to avoid an initial cold sensation from the rollerball on your child's skin)

•  Apply to the neck and shoulders for a revitalizing experience.

•  Apply over the liver area to support normal liver function.


Ingredients - Fractionated Coconut Oil and Spearmint


Latin Name 

• Mentha Spicata


Complementary Oils

 • Bergamot, Black PepperCypress



•  May be sensitive for some skin types.

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