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Citrus Sunrise Trio (Lemon, Lime, and Grapefruit)

Citrus Sunrise Trio (Lemon, Lime, and Grapefruit)

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The Citrus Sunrise Trio offers some of our favorite essential oils specific to helping energize and uplift the body to get you in the right frame of mind to start the morning.

These essential oils do not need to be used at the same time, but rather can be helpful for different situations.

The Citrus Sunrise Trio includes the following: LemonLime, and Grapefruit

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Few people have experienced the fresh scent of a lemon. Our lemon comes from farmers who have been producing quality lemons that are used to create essential oil for generations. Quality lemons make a huge difference, our source offers a sweet, fresh and inviting scent.


• Avoid UV rays for at least 12 hours after applying. Possible photosensitivity.

• Do not apply to young children due to skin sensitivity.

Key Benefits

• Immune Support, Liver Support, Circulatory Support, Digestive Aid, Can Help Minimize Feelings of Respiratory Congestion, Promote Mental Focus, And Relieve Mental Stress.


Lime is one of our favorite citrus oils because of its versatility. It complements most other citrus oils and can energize, purify and relieve.  It has fantastic capacity to help support normal lung function and can promote the removal of excess mucus.


•  Stay out of direct sunlight for 12 hours if applied topically

Key Benefits

•  Anti-inflammatory, Energizing, Uplifting, Anti-catarrhal, Antiseptic


Grapefruit has such a refreshing and energizing scent! Often touted as a weight loss oil. Grapefruit may support gentle detoxification and proper lymphatic function, which are necessary for successful weight loss. Cold-pressed from the skin, it is a fantastic oil to use on the face with carrier oil for those with oily skin. It can provide great liver and digestive support. 


•  Talk to your health practitioner before use if you are on heart medication. Can be phototoxic. If applied topically, cover up the area of skin where oil was applied.

Key Benefits

•  Energizing For the Mind, Digestive Aid, Lymphatic System, Cleansing and Uplifting.


For more uses on the specific oils in this trio, click the links below:

 LemonLime, and Grapefruit

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