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Detox Duo (Liv-Better AM and Liv-Better PM Roll-Ons)

Detox Duo (Liv-Better AM and Liv-Better PM Roll-Ons)

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The Detox Duo Roll-On version includes a pre-diluted application for the Liv-Better AM™ and Liv-Better PM™. These essential oil blends were designed to minimize overwhelm on the liver that is caused by stress and daily toxins. We experience toxic overload through fatty foods, high amounts of sugar, (drinks or food) and/or a sedentary lifestyle.

Toxic overload is one of the many reasons why non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is one of the fastest growing liver complications, with 1 out of 3 in the global population experiencing this health challenge. The liver is the busiest organ in the body. It performs over 500 processes along with filtering the blood, which is key for immune, mental, and digestive health. Most people do not even know they may experience symptoms of stressed or fatty liver until it is too late.

These essential oil blends were formulated to help support normal liver function when applied topically over the liver area. The liver is located in the upper abdominal area below the right side of the chest.

Pre-diluted for most adult skin types. Additional carrier oil does not generally need to be applied beforehand.

The Detox Duo Roll-Ons defined:

The Liv-Better AM™ roll-on was formulated to protect the liver from toxins while supporting normal detoxification of the liver and lymphatic systems during daily activity. Liv-Better AM™ can be especially helpful when applied in the morning. Liv-Better AM™ may aid those who engage in intermittent fasting and the cleansing process that fasting promotes. Applying Liv-Better AM™ in the morning can also be a proactive approach to helping the liver and lymph systems function at their best. 

The Liv-Better PM™ roll-on was designed to promote normal liver drainage and biliary tree function while we sleep. The liver continues to be introduced to more toxins and stress because the general population is eating more processed foods and living more stressful lives. Liv-Better PM™ was created to support normal detoxification methods already performed by the liver.  

More Details

Key Benefits

Liv-Better AM™ roll-on

• Protect the liver during the day, promote detoxification, and normal lymphatic flow for optimal health and immune function.

Liv-Better PM™ roll-on

• Liver health, gallbladder, bile duct support, encourages normal drainage of the liver while sleeping.


Common Uses


• Apply Liv-Better AM™ roll-on over the spleen and liver areas in the morning to defend against additional toxins during the day and encourage detoxification of the body.

• Apply Liv-Better AM™ roll-on over the liver and digestive areas of the body as a daily cellular support and proactive approach to better health.

• Apply Liv-Better AM™ roll-on over the liver area when suspecting possible congestion or stagnation.

• Apply Liv-Better PM™ roll-on over the liver and gallbladder areas before bed to support any recovery that may be needed during sleep.

• Apply Liv-Better PM™ roll-on to the bottom of the feet before bed to aid as a gentle liver decongestant and to promote a more restful sleep.

• Liv-Better PM™ roll-on can be applied directly over the liver area for daily liver support.



Liv-Better AM™

Red Mandarin, Lemon, Coriander, Peppermint, Geranium, Fennel (Sweet), Rosemary, and Helichrysum in a base of Fractionated Coconut

Liv-Better PM™

•  Mandarin, Rosemary, Geranium, and Helichrysum, in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil



• Not suggested for use with children under the age of seven

• Liv-Better AM™ is not suggested while pregnant or nursing.

• Talk to your Healthcare Practitioner before beginning any essential oil regimen.


For more uses of the specific essential oil blends in this duo, click on the links below:

Liv-Better AM™ roll-on, Liv-Better PM™ roll-on


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