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I Am Complete Pack (7 Essential Oil Blends for the Mind and Body)

I Am Complete Pack (7 Essential Oil Blends for the Mind and Body)

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The I Am Complete Pack is for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of the unique essential oil blends found in our "I Am" line. This line of essential oils was formulated to help achieve greater for emotional and mental balance. We believe that the effect of reading the name of each of these essential oils while smelling and applying it creates a synergistic benefit for both mind and body. 

The essential oils in this pack offer an easy way to introduce Restore Hope Oils to a friend, or family member at a discounted priceThe essential oils in this variety pack do not need to be used at the same time, but rather can be helpful for different situations.

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The I Am Complete Pack contains the following: 

I Am Enough™ (x1) Formulated to alleviate feelings associated with overwhelm, possible burnout, and nervous exhaustion.

I Am Peace™ (x1) Created with the intention of providing an uplifting aroma for the mind with subtle emotional grounding effects to help minimize feelings of stress and anxiousness.

I Am Resilient™ (x1) Providing a refreshing and calming blend that was formulated with the intent of providing a natural way to help cool the body when one feels overheated or uncomfortably warm.

I Am Whole™ (x1) Developed to instill a deeper feeling of hope and greater emotional stability within those who tend to experience emotional ups and downs associated with daily life.

I Am Strong™ (x1) Formulated as a mental energizing and antioxidant blend that helps to support a state of daily momentum both physically and emotionally. This blend is also associated with the Power Phase found in "Fast Like A Girl".

I Am Restored™ (x1) Developed to promote mental creativity, proper digestion and normal detoxification of the liver during the Manifestation Phase associated with the teachings found in "Fast Like A Girl".

I Am Still Roll-On™ (x1) This essential oil blend can be helpful at calming stressful feelings that come with physical and emotional stress, as well as possible adrenal fatigue associated with stress over a long period of time. This blend is also associated with the Nurture Phase found in "Fast Like A Girl".



• Avoid internal use.

• When necessary, add Fractionated Coconut Oil for increased dilution when applying topically.

• Not for use during pregnancy or nursing.

• These essential oils should not be used internally


For more uses on the specific essential oils in this holiday pack please click on the links below:

I Am Enough™, I Am Peace™, I Am Resilient™, I Am Whole™, I Am Strong™I Am Restored™I Am Still™

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