Collection: Essential Oils for Soreness

Essential Oils for Inflammation Brought on By Daily Activity

Got soreness? Here are our top picks for those times when muscle or joint soreness may be keeping you from your best. Pure Mobility Rub is our most popular product due to its ability to calm soreness fast and consistently. Rub it in for instant relief and no greasy residue. We have provided info on our other top essential oil favorites for when muscle/joint relief is needed.

Pure Relief

Included in this blend you will find the following oils: Eucalyptus (energizing, soothing to sore nerves and neck tension), Lavender (calming for neck and mental tension), Marjoram (warming and relaxing to muscles and the mind),  Copaiba (calming for nerves, joints and muscles), Rosemary (invigorating to the mind and muscles, supports proper blood flow), Peppermint (anti-rheumatic capacity, cooling, joint and muscle tension), Helichrysum (alleviating for all things muscle and joint, supportive of proper nerve function)

Pure Mobility Essential Oil Roll On

Included in this blend you will find the following oils: Copaiba (calming for nerves, joints and muscles), Lavender (analgesic, calming for rheumatic sensations), Spearmint (antispasmodic, restorative and helpful for minor nerve discomfort), Basil (calming for inflammation from daily activity), and Helichrysum (supportive of nerves and their function, and alleviating for all things muscle and joint)


our best-selling single oil, calming for nerves, joints, and muscles. Very gentle, safe for youth when diluted.


analgesic, sprains, restorative properties, nerve support, alleviating for muscle and joint discomfort, liver support and detox.


Use with Copaiba or Helichrysum for a synergistic effect, anti-rheumatic capacity, cooling, joint and muscle tension, nerve support, sprain


soothing for nerves and muscles, very gentle and recommended for youth when diluted

Siberian Fir

great for bone and muscle discomfort, safe for youth when diluted.