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RPRpro Pack for Practitioners (Receive Process Release)

RPRpro Pack for Practitioners (Receive Process Release)

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The RPRPro Pack includes a set of essential oil blends that support proper communication in the body in order to assist the body's natural ability to Receive, Process, and Release nutrition and emotions. Included in this pack are the following. The Detox Duo Roll on edition, The Empowered Trio, and I Am Enough™ Rose edition.

What is RPR? (Receive Process Release) The body often knows how to receive nutrients, process them, and release what is not needed. Unfortunately, regarding emotions, it is not that simple for the body. We are often not taught how to receive emotions, process them, and then release those that may be harming us. This can often lead to stagnation in organs or organ systems and different areas of the body. The essential oils in this pack, when applied under a practitioner's care, can aid in the natural process of Receiving, Processing, and Releasing (RPR) emotions that may keep the body from greater balance and efficiency.

This is the Pro Pack, which was developed for Practitioners, it contains additional essential oils not found in our RPR Basic Pack (coming soon). The RPRpro offers a new approach in applying this set of essential oils. Also offering more options for enhanced flexibility when a practitioner is seeking a different approach for a customized application that a client or patient may need. 


The RPRpro Pack contains the following essential oil blends and why they were developed below.


More specific applications are found in the "RPRpro Pack Practitioner Protocol", which you can request by going to our <contact page>

Liv-Better™ Roll On (x1) - applied at night to assist with normal liver, biliary tree, and gallbladder function.

Pure Regen™ Roll On (x1) - applied during the day to support normal liver, lymphatic, and digestive function.
I Am Strong™ (x1) - developed to promote lymphatic flow, mental energy and courage through a blend of antioxidant rich essential oils applied during the day.
I Am Restored (x1) - promotes mental clarity while supporting normal digestive function.
I Am Still™ (x1) - encourages adrenal support in moments of overwhelm and/or nervous exhaustion.
I Am Enough™ Rose edition (x1) - formulated to promote feelings of emotional calm and security in times of stress and/or difficulty.

All essential oils do not need to be used at the same time, but rather can be helpful for different situations. Pre-diluted for most adult skin types, so additional carrier oil does not generally need to be applied beforehand.



• Not suggested for use with children under 10.

• Not recommended for nursing or pregnant women.

• Talk to your Healthcare Practitioner before beginning any essential oil regimen.

• Avoid UV rays on uncovered skin for up to 12 hours where I Am Strong has been applied.


For more uses of the specific essential oils in this pack, click on the links below:

Liv-Better™ Roll On, Pure RegenRoll OnI Am Strong™I Am Restored™, I Am Still™, I Am Enough™ Rose edition.

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