Collection: Essential Oils for Mood

Essential Oils Specific to Improving Mood

Essential oils are one of the fastest mediums to help improve mood. Just by smelling a 100% pure essential oil you can begin to uplift or calm your mind and emotions. Pure Stability, Pure Embrace and Pure Happy are our most popular mood oils. Certain essential oils can be stimulating or calming. Look through our top mood oil list to find what is best for you.

Pure Embrace

provides mood support on a daily basis while lessening mental, emotional and physical discomfort during a woman's cycle.

Pure Happy

A refreshingly sweet citrus blend to help when needing a lift or when you may be experiencing a mental funk.


gentle strength, lavender helps the body calm and work through stressful situations, children safe


unique in its ability to calm feelings of stress and increase feelings of worth, children safe

Orange, Sweet

gently uplifts without stimulating the mind, many prefer this when feeling the blues


helps us to know our true identity, preferred for those who have experienced emotional trauma.

Roman Chamomile

calming, helps to detox feelings of anger while strengthening the body, gentle enough for children

Clary Sage

balancing for emotions brought on from hormone fluctuation (avoid when pregnant)


like Neroli in effect as it can help center the mind when feeling anxious.


uplifting, energizing and helps one to feel at peace with their body